About Us

We put our clients first, and are proud to offer the most attentive, personalized and consistent service you’ll find in New Jersey. As a full-service lender and a brokerage, we do it all. And thanks to our years of experience, we do it well, with passion, and with careful attention to detail. What’s important to you is important to us.

The Trouble with Mortgages

First of all, we get it. Securing a home loan of any kind - whether it’s a first time mortgage, reverse mortgage, or 203k loan - feels tedious, overwhelming, and down right confusing.

To make matters worse, the average person doesn’t spend much time brushing up on mortgage jargon and facts. Most people don’t learn about mortgages until it’s time to get one, and until then, their only knowledge of the mortgage process comes from catchy, uninformative commercials funded by the top mortgage machines in the country.

So it’s no surprise that when it’s time to take out a mortgage, most people work with one of the well-known mortgage giants simply because their brand names have infiltrated enough TV, digital, radio, and print ads to roll off the tongue; not because they’re actually the best option.

Not a Mortgage Machine

The above spiel is inspired by the many, many clients who came to us after being burned by said mortgage machines.

It makes sense. They reel you in with commercials which make mortgages out to be so mysterious and complex, and then they say: but don't worry, just use our software and everything will be great! And it does sound great... but it's not that simple.

Frankly, we think that anything involving the home is a personal matter, and it should be treated with the same attention to detail that we've put into transforming our own houses into homes. Many of us work our entire lives to become homeowners, and it's just too important of a milestone to leave up to a "cutting-edge" software, or someone clocking in and out to cash a paycheck.

A Better Way to Mortgage

We are the opposite of a mortgage machine. Rather than adding clients to an ever-growing production line of loan numbers, we treat all clients like people whose outcomes matter to us. Because they do.

We saw value in an honest, client-centered, local mortgage agency for New Jersey homeowners and buyers, which is why we started Homeland Lending. We may not have the high head count of the corporate mortgage machines, but 8+ years in business and we can still rest at night knowing our service is unparalleled, and our rates are competitive. With us, nothing and no one falls through the cracks. Our client testimonials speak for themselves.

We know getting a mortgage isn't exactly sexy, but if you work with loan consultants who value you as more than just a peg in the production line, the process can be smooth, straightforward, and even rewarding.

Our Values

We take our work seriously; we realize we’re not simply helping you get a loan. This is your home we’re talking about - the place you build a lifetime of memories with family and friends; your personal refuge from the outside hustle and bustle. So, we don’t think it’s a stretch for first time home buyers and homeowners to expect their loan officers to actually care about their mortgage outcomes. As such, we assess your needs, goals, and specific circumstances with great attention to detail from start to finish. It is our job to give your mortgage the same attention you’ve given your home, and to be available to you when you need us. We consider this attentiveness a part of the service you deserve - a requirement, not a luxury.

Call it crazy, but we think you should be able to meet the person responsible for securing your home loan. Even crazier? We think that person should get to know you before making any recommendations, especially if it involves getting your signature. Mortgage giants will argue that small mortgage firms can't deliver the same range of loan options as they can, but that's just false. We're a full service lender as well as a brokerage, so you get the same scope of loan options as you would with any mortgage giant, with the exact same (or better!) rates. The truth is that we offer a level of personalization and facetime that corporate mortgage machines just can't match, and they know it.

We've heard horror stories; you start out with a friendly and helpful loan officer, and suddenly you're passed off to a different, less helpful loan officer. The trend continues until you're dealing with someone who knows nothing about you or your situation, and who quite frankly doesn't care. We don't play games of client hot potato, ever. Part of our ability to provide unparalleled service to our clientele is the importance we place on client-loan officer relationships. You deal with one loan officer throughout the entire process, and you can rely on your loan officer to walk you through the process, look out for your best interest, and be there when you have questions - consistently. 

Meet the Homeland Team

After decades in the mortgage industry, we know that the character and work ethic of our loan officers is paramount to our clients. We pride ourselves on being the best at what we do, which means hiring the best. Our team is filled with the most experienced, hard working, intuitive mortgage professionals — and it shows.

Meet the Team

“I was ready to put up a fight but Homeland Lending went to bat for us. I can’t stress enough how much I recommend Homeland Lending. With these guys, buying a home doesn’t have to be a terrible experience! Thank you Homeland Lending for bringing us HOME!”