Today's Rates: The Truth

"What's your interest rate?"

This is probably the most asked question when people start shopping for mortgages — but it shouldn't be. Rather than present you with misleading information and unrealistic numbers, we're here to tell you the truth. 

Long story short: mortgage companies who advertise super low rates are throwing out arbitrary numbers to get people in the door. 

 If you're dealing with reputable lenders, interest rates should never vary from one another too greatly. Serious rate variations usually indicate shady business practices and should be treated with caution.

 It's also important to know that if a lender quotes you an interest rate without having verified and documented information, such as a credit scores, income, assets, and property specifics, many unwelcome changes can occur during the loan process.

Work with a lender you trust. 

 "What's your interest rate?" should never be the most important question you ask when determining who you're going to work with, simply because rates should not vary much from lender to lender. 

 As a consumer, it's impossible to know all the right questions to ask. But what is possible is choosing to work with a lender who knows the right questions to ask you, and who has your best interest in mind.

In the most important investment you'll make in a lifetime, selecting the right team to have in your corner is crucial. 

Talk to an actual loan officer

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